Vaginal Orgasms For The Holidays!

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Vaginal Orgasms For The Holidays!

Owl Identified Owl Identified
So my partner and I decided recently that out of sheer laziness we often neglect vaginal orgasms during play. Or rather, we stick to one or two tried and true methods to produce a vaginal orgasm. Combined G-spot stimulation with clitoral tends to be the way we do it because we know that it produces fast and hard vaginal orgasms, and often ends with squirting which is sort of a fun thing in terms of the aesthetics of the big finish.


For the holidays we want to slow down and take some time to explore the vaginal canal. We want to learn much, much more about the G-spot and all the other spots and so forth. So. My question is does anyone have any books that they'd recommend? Not hype books that are like OMG THE MAGICAL K-SPOT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN 5 SECONDS but rather books written by people with thorough knowledge and understanding of the human body AND of sexuality that give a real in depth look at the potential of the vagina without prescribing magic beans? Yeah. I know, I'm asking a lot. I basically don't want a buzz book, but something that will teach me more about my body. Whether or not it produces some magical NEW kind of letter-orgasm is not the point for us, although if that happened we'd be thrilled. Really it's just about learning more about how to improve our current methods and just go about our sex life with a better understanding of my body. Even just a good position book that focuses on female pleasure would be great.

THANKS! To anyone that can help I will love you forever <3
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Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
Check out Sheri Winston's site - she has a ton of books and seminars on 'womens sexual anatomy' and how to leverage the knowledge for orgasm. link
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