BJ: Sharing Techniques

lustylusty lustylusty
I heard that while giving blow jobs that you should keep a rythm (not sure how to spell it). Well I tried it and well he came way faster than I thought. Well then next time I gave him a Blowy I added some humming to it. and still super fast. We are not the kind of couple that never has sex, so I know its not because he hasnt gotten any in a while, because he gets it every night. lol, not that you guys care. But yeah, if you are trying to get some ideas this is what I do. I start by doing my normal blowy, then after the first 3 mins I start doing my rythm. both hand and mouth together go up and down 5 times and then just keep your hand still and just your mouth move up and down 5 times. Then using mouth and hand again go up and down 4 times. then agter that just your mouth going 4 times. then 3, then 2 than 1. than back up. so 5 4 3 2 1 1 2 3 4 5. after a couple times of that start humming.
dont be afriad of using your other hand to rub his balls (softly of course)
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SexyLilPixi SexyLilPixi
I have used a similar technique (without the counting) for ages and it always works super fast and they not only have the most explosive orgasm but they scream so loud & shriek like girls too.

I also like to mix in a good amount of deep deep throating and manage to swirl the length of my tongue in circles during that. Gotta tongue the head too.
bella8933 bella8933
I like to deep throat and while his cock is down my throat ... I kind of swallow.. so it feels like his cock is being ... sucked down my throat.

He will cum so fast.
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