Bad smell when performing oral sex

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Bad smell when performing oral sex

Gongsta Gongsta
How many of you guys and gals have run into the problem of your partner having a funky smell while you went down on him/her to perform oral sex?? what did you do about it??
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Rossie Rossie
You can suggest a sensual shower together before sex.
I have personally only run into this twice, and neither time was with someone I was in a relationship with. One was a girl...I went down on her, but not for long xD I didn't say anything, I just used my hands and kissed her other places. Once was with a guy...I knew before I even got down there that there was a funky smell I just never even attempted it, let alone mentioned it.

I don't like to hurt peoples' feelings..

However, if it was my partner, I would suggest he take a shower ("You just got off work, why don't you shower before we get in bed?"), or that we both take a shower...or IF it was something going on for a while and really bothering me, I would just tell him as gently as possible.
Beck Beck
I have only experienced this during pregnancy. When I was pregnant both times all smells bothered me. I would open the fridge and almost puke, I could walk by the trash and gag, and even going down on my partner. This was only because I was super sensitive to everything at that moment. I keep my trash taken out and a clean fridge, plus my partner showers twice a day, so it was just me being pregnant.

Anyhow, if I was already down there and I smelled it, I would likely just use my hands and move on. If it were so bad that I couldn't even do that, I would say.... "hey, let's take this to the shower. "
WhoopieDoo WhoopieDoo
I've never had a problem with this.
Timaree Timaree
There are lots of explanations for funky smells and tastes. Everything from medical issues that warrant attention to diet and lifestyle. Sometimes you might just need a shower. Read more in this blog: link
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