Question about squirting

jjis123 jjis123
If you squirt when you have a clitoral orgasm do you always squirt? If I have clitoral orgasms and have never squirted could it happen ever? J/w if it depends on how strong the orgasm is or not or if it depends if it is something that always or never happens. Like I read on a forum that this one girl can only squirt with her Hitachi. So, I was wondering on what triggers it.
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ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
My wife only squirts from G-spot stimulation, not every time though.
sjclayton2912 sjclayton2912
I've only ever made a girl squirt with g-spot stimulation along with clitoral stimulation, never just with clit stimulation though.
jjis123 jjis123
cool thanks guys
roskat roskat
I squirt but never from just clitoral stimulation. I need to be stimulated inside. Thrusting works great for me.
Tangerine Tangerine
I didnt know clitoral could get to squirting. HUH?!!?
reinkaos reinkaos
I only get the wife to squirt with g-spot stimulation
Snozzberries Snozzberries
When I'm good and worked up (and juicy enough) I can squirt just with my own clitoral masturbation. It's more like spitting than the jet I get with g-spot stimulation, so it's not quite as fantastic. But it's definitely liquid being shot out.
jennifur77 jennifur77
Originally posted by Tangerine
I didnt know clitoral could get to squirting. HUH?!!?
I didn't know that either!
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