Have you ever used a Sybian?

sexykiss sexykiss
okay so now that i know what these are called has anyone else used one of these? how much do they coast? what does it feel like
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AHubbyof2SexualMinds AHubbyof2SexualMinds
When I researched one for my wife about 5 years ago they were running about $500. A little out of my price range for a sex toy. But we've both always been curious.
ijako9 ijako9
I was going to say about 300 but 500 might be more accurate
sexykiss sexykiss
i always wondered about it that is so much money is there any that is cheaper?
wicked weasel wicked weasel
I was wondering if you can rent one of those things anywhere?
That would be the so awesome. Imagine renting it per day...
married with children married with children
They sell for about 1200. You can go to their website and see what comes with it for that price, and the extras you can order. We have never tried one, but would love to. I just have a hard time paying that much from a site I have never used before. I would love for ef to carry it, I would have no problem buying one from them.
MGDavicnigirl MGDavicnigirl
I've had the opportunity to try it twice.

I didn't fancy it to be totally honest. The phallic attachment rotates in a circle and or back and forth. It didn't get me off, and didn't really feel that great IMO. The "seat" that you straddle vibrates, and even for this clit of steel it was too much. The vibration just made me feel numb all over my whole vulva, my thighs, etc.

With the vibration setting turned down lower, it didn't' get much better.
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