Simple question. Do you get better "G" spot action with vibration or just "motion/pressure"?

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Simple question. Do you get better "G" spot action with vibration or just "motion/pressure"?

Bignuf Bignuf
I can get some amazing "G" spot, squirting hard orgasms, but with pressure and maybe a bit of rubbing on that spot..never with vibration. However, I read here about a number of woman who love to use VIBRATING toys on the "G" spot. Is this just a big physiological difference between individuals, I wonder? What works best for you at inducing a "G" spot orgasm...rubbing/press ure (as with a toy, finger or penis) or a true "vibration"?
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aliceinthehole aliceinthehole
i do some 'biscuit making' like cats do. i 'knead' it with a g-spotting toy, or my fingers if i'm masturbating sans toys.

never tried vibes there but internal vibes have NEVER done a thing for me.

Rossie Rossie
My G enjoys the sensation of a vibrating toy, but I don't really get orgasms just by that. I need the actual rubbing/pressure on my G-spot, AND stimulation on my clit at the same time to achieve orgasms.
Kkay Kkay
I recently got a gigi and realized that the vibration doesn't really do much for me. Pressure seems to hit the spot better.
Adriana Ravenlust Adriana Ravenlust
I can squirt with both but it's a little easier with vibration. I am not yet G-spot orgasmic, though.
SomeGirl SomeGirl
The very first time I ever squirted I had vibration. Since then, I prefer a glass toy and the right pressure. Works every time. Vibration was very hit and miss for me.
I like the Ella and the Betty's Barbell for g-spot stimulation, but can give or take on the vibration, though I've only used a rabbit type toy, not a vibrator specifically designed for the g-spot.
Waterfall Waterfall
I get the best g-spot stimulation with fast and short movements while applying pressure. Vibrations are nice as well, but I usually need to apply pressure along with the vibrations to get really great stimulation. Most of my g-spot vibrators do this very well
Vanessa Weiss Vanessa Weiss
I can take or leave vibration when it comes to having g-spot orgasms. Some of the better ones I've had have been thanks to my partner's fingers and nothing else.
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