new hiding spot!

new hiding spot!

mandaj mandaj 12/11/2011

so the kiddos found momma and daddy's toy stash of course they're too young to know what they are but dont need to
play with them or really know where the are, so I'm looking into a storage box or a pillow, which one is the best holds
the most and is discreet.

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mandaj mandaj
needs the best hiding spot tht no one will know, and will hold the most
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mistressg mistressg
I just got the Eden toy pouch and it is not long enough to fit my rabbit, and it not quite wide enough to comfortably accommodate my Vibrating Champlette. So you might want to pass on that. I'm thinking the pillow might be a good choice. You might want to consider the Devine lace or corset box. I've been wanting one, and they seem to really hold a lot and are nice looking and discreet.

Be careful with what materials you put together, and good luck!
Gracie Gracie
You should watch the video for the hide your vibe pillow. I dont have it but I want it. That would be my suggestion. See what you think.
BuckeyeGal04 BuckeyeGal04
How about a tackle box or a cake decorating box as they are of good size? I know the Wilton cake decorating boxes have a slot to put a lock on it. Then you could just slide it under the bed or put it in the closet.

In my opinion, I would not suggest the pillow because if they like to get up on your bed, they'll feel that it's not a normal pillow and want to unzip it.
RonLee RonLee
A small fire safe or gun safe in the closet might be a better choice.
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