Squirting, how the hell do I do it?

BrittaniMaree BrittaniMaree
I need some info on how to get myself to squirt please so curious about it but not sure where to start and how to do it. please need expert squirters, LOL. I am a blonde so details are great tell me all you want to tell me about it thanks EF buddies
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Kristi :) Kristi :)
When I wanted to squirt, I got on the internet and read everything I could!! I'm not a very detailed person X-) but will do my best! First make sure you or your partner have located your gspot. Second is to practice pushing OUT with your pc muscles when you orgasm and not squeeze. Then you're ready to try. Make sure you're relaxed and have a towel under you, can get messy! Once you're turned on and ready, pleasure your gspot. I read that vibrators work best for most women. You may need to add a little clit stimulation. I do because I'll be there for an hour. X-) Just stay relaxed and when you orgasm, PUSH OUT! When you put pressure on the gspot, and you push out it will cause you to squirt.

Hope that helps and happy squirting!
doowop doowop
I just wanted to share how I taught myself. Lots and lots of clitoral stimulation while I was squeezing my pelvic floor muscles. Just before I reach orgasm, I pushed out. This prolongs my clitoral orgasms so I can have multiple in a row, and it also helped me learn how to squirt during g-spot stimulation later on.
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