Respectable Curiosity Respectable Curiosity
Ive read posts saying they can and are wanting techniques, but I am sort of wanting a How To. Ive never been able to do this, but would really love to learn how. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Originally posted by Respectable Curiosity
Ive read posts saying they can and are wanting techniques, but I am sort of wanting a How To. Ive never been able to do this, but would really love to learn how. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Look at the 1st and the last page of this thread.

Pleasure gal Pleasure gal
As a solo player I learned to squirt alone after 27 yrs of partnered (unsatisfying) sex and no squirting. I lay on my back and just enjoyed the sensation of clitoral stim w/ my fingers as I came I decided to GENTLY cont w/ the amazing sensation. I softly rubbed my inner labia (quite small) up to the head of my clit, I now call it milking my clit, through and after my orgasm. Relaxed my wanting to clench pelvic floor, keep breathing and squirt!!
I squirt, so far, from clitoral stim, but a spot (g spot) pressure increases the sensation. I personally have not had a g spot orgasm. Yet. I love the feeling of being complete and satisfied after squirting. I'm glad I learned how, it's a good thing. BUT so is physical pleasure, let that guide you not a goal to DO or accomplish something. ENNNJOOOOY...
Orion Orion
1. Get yourself turned on.

2. Slip a finger or 2 inside your vagina all the way palm facing up.

3 Curl finger tips in a come here motion and slowly drag along the front wall until you hit a bump. (pay attention to the texture inside should feel smooth and then rough spongy. Inside this rough area you will find the G-Spot everyone is different so you will have to play.) If you hit it and push you will feel a pressure like you have to pee. Also you will feel the pelvic ridge i think its called, a bone you can hook fingers on to this is very close to where you need to be

4. Now that you found it it is time to work it. Instead of your normal in and out motion you want to push on it like a button literally lol rapid and building up heavy pressure. So fast and hard if it is working you should feel like your going pee this is the moment once that hits critical mass pull out and let it fly.

Lol i taught my wife she was a major skeptic and never squirted before but with those simple instructions you should find it in like 3 seconds. May take a few tries to actually squirt, first is getting over the fact your NOT peeing. Oh make sure to have a towel or your going to make a huge mess it can go for like 6 feet.
If your fortunate and it is in shallow then you want to go ahead and buy you a Gigi and be amazed at how many orgasms you can have in such a short time span.
ladyred ladyred
id like to know too
Orion Orion
^^^ Just follow my instructions and tell me if it worked. I was being serious that is def how you begin your wet adventures. Now go to work women i have taught this by that technique many times now and generally work 100% of time i promise.
Pleasure gal Pleasure gal
BUT not all women can reach their own... I cannot with my fingers.
Enjoy the pleasure and keep going whether from someone else or yourself... You might find your own amazing techniques like squirting w/ clit stim! -but definately go for the button pushing!! =) good advice from Bill & Jade.
Orion Orion
Yes that's the one thing that can ruin it =( sometimes it may be hard to reach which in that case get you nice toy to play with a cheapish one at first like the Lelo Ella good starter toy.
sarki sarki
I am going to give that a try
Pleasure gal Pleasure gal
Puppy pads can help w/ the mess
oregonboy9 oregonboy9
The simplest way I can put it is, try playing with your clit fast and when you feel like cumming hold it back as long as you can and NEVER STOP RUBBING even through your orgasm. Once you start squirting it usually gets easier to squirt each time you do it.
Nympho88 Nympho88
I have only been able to do it twice. Once with a former partner and once recently with a g-spot toy but I wasnt really paying attention to where or what I was doing. And like she said it didnt really shoot out just kind of "puddled" I have tried the pulling out when you feel like you are going to pee and that doesnt work for some reason?
Mrs.Giggity Mrs.Giggity
I am teaching myself to squirt, my hubby thinks it's too messy.
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