makeshift p toy

what is the weirdest thing you have used in absence of a real sex toy?
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The-Great-Blight The-Great-Blight
A cucumber once, as cliche as that may sound. A flashlight too..
csweatc csweatc
Hmmm...well various toothbrushes, cutlery (handle end), a melon, hairbrush (handle end), electric shaver as a vibe and my all time favorite and one that I will still use from time to time.... my really high powered Festool RO 150 sander. That thing makes a hitachi look like a joke.
markwashere markwashere
Cucumber with condom.
allinonekid allinonekid
Dog toys with condoms over them always work great but one of my favorite things I did was cut off the end of a cheap vibrating toothbrush, wrap it in a sock and then put that into another sock and mold it to the form I wanted then wrap it in regular tape so it holds the shape, then slip that into a condom, tie it off then squeeze it in the right place to turn on the vibration. Wonderful bliss for under $5
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