MrWishyWashy MrWishyWashy
I have a few anal toys and I am really into self exploration for prostate play. Am really searching for a good toy for milking, have not found one yet. I have seen some videos of guy's where it is constant cum flowing for minutes, sooo jealous, would love to have that happen to me. Are there are any toys anyone can recommend for milking?
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BuckeyeGal04 BuckeyeGal04
I wish I could help, but we are also exploring this. So I'm "subscribing" to your thread in hopes to learn of some advice! Thanks for asking!
Hallmar82 Hallmar82
I have only experienced milking recently and we did not use any toys - only fingers. I suggest starting there first too so you can get a feel for what stimulation is working or not. Then, you can better compare and contrast when it comes to using toys.
Ghost Ghost
My husband seems to do this with no direct prostate stimulation. He's like a cum fountain, I swear...
MrWishyWashy MrWishyWashy
Damn fellas, cum on, help me out...need more input!!!
ScottA ScottA
Depends what you mean by "milking". You can "milk" yourself or have someone else milk you with any toys or fingers that are big/stiff enough to put sufficient pressure on the prostate to push out the prostatic fluid - this is one form of "milking". Pressure on the seminal vesicles can also push out fluid. This can happen without sexual arousal.

There also seems to be a sort of "milking" where you're at high arousal and fluid is being released - this would be more difficult.
csweatc csweatc
Dildos are usually good for milking in my experience. I like firm glass or metal dildos, though I've also had great experiences milking with silicone suction cup dildos as well. I've found that prostate massagers, while awesome for giving me super O's (which are far more intense than a milking session) are not all that effective for me at milking. I know others have had an entirely different experience, so it's good to just try a variety of toys and enjoy the many different sensations you can get from prostate play.
Tork48309 Tork48309
The Aneros Progasm is probably the best toy on the market for this. It was designed for such a task (see their website). It takes a while to get used to but it is great for such a task. I've also tried the pfun plug and works okay but not as effective. Please remember that it takes alot of practice and patience to learn exactly what you need to do for milking.
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