Amethyst - viable for prostate orgasm?

Amethyst - viable for prostate orgasm?

TzarChasm TzarChasm
So I've been looking around for the "perfect" prostate dildo for a while now, afraid to blow money on what doesn't look like it will work, and I think I've found something that looks viable: Amethyst

It seems to have good girth and its smooth sides would make for easy penetration, unlike some of the other dildos my wife and I own. It also seems properly angled to make even solo use a relative breeze. What do the rest of you think; does anyone here have personal experience with this toy? Is there something else you'd recommend instead?

Thanks for any advice!
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El-Jaro El-Jaro
I've had experience with a toy a lot like this and wouldn't suggest it for anal play unless you're very careful. Even though it's curved, things happen.

You're going to want to find something with a more substantial base to be safe.
ScottA ScottA
If you use it do make sure to hold onto the end. I wouldn't be too worried as long as you're safe and sane, since the prostate is only a couple of inches inside, so most of the toy would be outside your body.

For a first toy I usually recommend something soft, but hard is good for pinpoint prostate pressure pleasure. Use it in a calm and quiet manner at first to make sure you don't bruse anything.
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
I love glass for anal play but I've never tried anything like Amethyst - I second JR - if you're going to use it be careful.

I have used the Pure Wand for p-spot stimulation and it worked fine. The Pure Wand has a pretty strong bend - but surfaces are very rounded and smooth.
ScottA ScottA
Look at the 1:1. There's a good quarter-inch on each side, making for a half-inch difference between the handle and the shaft. You're not going to be putting more than the shaft in to get at the prostate, so you'll get a bump at the handle contours.

Just in comparison I looked up the Billy. There's only a quarter-inch total flange on that one. Unless you do something really stupid or athletic the Amethyst will be just fine used anally. Just don't try to drill to China.
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