Using a Pilates ball when playing with a prostate massager...TRY IT

csweatc csweatc
Over the past few years I've been getting better and better at having Pspot orgasms or SuperO's.. whatever you want to call them. For some time I've suspected that a Pilates ball would be an ideal accessory for this, and boy was I right. Using my Nexus Excel and the Pilates ball gave me some of the best orgasms I have ever had, and I used it in a variety of positions. First under the small of my back with my head supported by some pillows. The balancing of my body on the ball worked nicely with my contractions around the massager. Kneeling over the ball with it supporting my chest was also great, as I could roll back and forth and sort of have the massager fuck me. At one point, with the ball under my back, I got up close to the wall and balanced myself completely on the ball while my hands steadied me on the wall. Lying on my side with the ball between my legs was also really effective. As an aid for other plugs during regular masturbation, I've also really enjoyed this thing. I can't wait to have sex on it. All in all a great accessory for prostate massage.
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