When asked about your sexuality, what do you say?

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If I am asked about my sexuality, I just smile and say I am just me. If I am not interested in the person asking the question, I just ask, "and how does my response affect your life?" I honestly do not see the importance of answering this question. I mean, what purpose does it serve if you are out for the night to have fun and not pick up anyone? Almost as good as that question which asks which race you are. How else are people to reply other than "human"? I don't get it.
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Originally posted by needapacker
A lot of the bisexuals I know usually don't say they're bisexual when asked. Like when i'm asked, i just say I'm gay since im in a committed relationship with a man.
What do you say and why?
It really depends on who is asking and what the situation is. I don't think that I'm bisexual, but I would hook up with a female under the right circumstances. I think my sexuality is just pretty fluid.
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Usually, I jokingly put it as "I like other chicks!"
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I've been asked about my sexuality a few times over the last couple of weeks and surprisingly I kept finding myself having to say I'm not sure.

I'm married to a man and sometimes attracted to women, only comfortable doing certain things with men. I go through phases though.
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bi-sexual, or i just say "i love everyone!!" lol...
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Luckily I haven't gotten asked too often but when I did I'd say bisexual. I'm not in love with the term, but it's just easier then trying to explain a new one. It doesn't seem to matter all that much anyway because I got pegged "straight" once I got married! Apparently once you get married it was all just a phase!
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