Spring Break vacation destination

Martiniman Martiniman
We've been to Cancun three times now and love it. Spring Break is approaching fast and we are now planning for the 2013 Spring Break vacation. A question for those in the know...should we go back to Cancun or try the Dominican Republic for the first time?
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Cancun, Mexico
Shortc8ke , wicked weasel
2  (40%)
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
KyotoAngel , doowop
2  (40%)
Another Caribbean destination (please give details)
1  (20%)
Total votes: 5
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Shortc8ke Shortc8ke
I heard Cancun is very pretty so I've always wanted to go
KyotoAngel KyotoAngel
My Spring Break destination is the front yard with flower seeds, miracle grow, and gardening tools. xD
If we could go somewhere though, I'd want to go to Hawaii or Japan. =3

But Cancun looks pretty nice...I'd say go to the Dominican Republic if you've already seen Cancun though, you only live once so see as much of the world as you can as long as your finances allow it.

The Earth is a big beautiful place, why not explore it a little? =^.^=
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