Guide To Simultaneous Orgasm:
10 Tips To Come Together

Myth or reality, the simultaneous climax is a fun challenge for adventurous and romantic couples who would like to try new ways to enhance their love life. Here is a list of techniques and toys that can help you to reach the orgasmic goal.

1. Want To Orgasm Together? Spare Time For Romance

Start romancing and teasing each other long before you reach your bedroom. With a remote control vibrator you can add extra stimulation for better arousal.

2. Uncover Your Fantasies And Share Orgasms

Try to reenact your most arousing fantasies. Whether it's submission or backdoor pleasure, it can be your path to ecstatic simultaneous climax.

3. Intense Simultaneous Orgasm

While fingers are great, you still might need more power in your hands to reach better results. A versatile wand massager, featuring a variety of speeds, is a perfect tool for Big Os.

4. Use Ring Of Love For Longer And Stronger Climaxes

Cock rings are a great help for couples; they allow for him to last longer while providing her with additional stimulation.

5. Synchronize Oral Pleasure To Get Shared Os

The best and the absolute win is always the 69. Oral love suggests incredible intimacy and allows for any suitable patterns and pace of stimulation you both require for simultaneous orgasms.

6. Do Kegels Exercises To Control Your Orgasms

Kegel exercises create strong and toned pelvic muscles, which ensures he has better stamina, while she experiences more intense sensations.

7. Grade Your Pleasure From 1 to 10

Create an arousal scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is the orgasm. Tell each other, where you're at, during the act, then adjust to bring yourselves to the same time orgasm.

8. Avoid Pressure And Focus On Orgasmic Pleasure

The main thing you should do to come together is to relax. The more at ease you both feel, the more likely it is that you'll enjoy the ride - literally.

9. Change Positions To Synchronize Your Arousal

Don't just fall into the missionary. The basis of "synchro-gasming" is the possibility to delay and force your climax when you need, by changing the position. Try various positions to synchronize your arousal.

10. Take Deep Simultaneous Breaths

Therapists suggest watching your breath when striving to “synchro-peak”. Take deep breaths with each slow move. If your breathing falls into harmony, your bodies will too.

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