Are you a jewelry person?

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Originally posted by Ansley
Then they were most likely made of soft woods like pine, try to find items that are oak and they'll last longer.
Maybe. They wouldn't match my current daily rings, though.
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Originally posted by glasskitten
I'm a bit of a jewelry snob in that I hardly buy any anymore, because it's so hard to find pieces that really resonate with me. I buy with the intent of having it for a lifetime (even if it's costume jewelry). If I'm not in love with ...
My "problem" is that I love so many pieces and I also keep mine forever and wear it the rest of my life. I love every single piece I own and there is always more fabulous stuff I want if I'm foolish enough to actually look, lol!
Secret Pleasure Secret Pleasure
I used to hate wearing jewelry but now I love necklaces and rings
peppermintgal peppermintgal
I love jewelry even though I don't wear it much. Usually just small hoops or posts in my ears. I like to be able to shower and sleep in them.
subwayrailings subwayrailings
i love to be adorned but im not a fan of classy, expensive jewellery. ill take cheap metal rings and a quartz necklace over gold any day
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Nope, the most jewelry I wear is my wedding band now. I lost my diamond yesterday T_T I feel so naked without it though.
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