What do you collect or pick up from your travels?

js250 js250
Day trips, road trips, vacations or business trips--what do you purchase as a memento of your trips? How did you choose this type of item? Do you always get one or sometimes decide not to?
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talon4196 talon4196
I have a T-shirt from every place I've been.
bayosgirl bayosgirl
I usually don't get souvenirs, but I do have my Bahamas Lucky Cat sitting in our living room.
ChubbyNerd ChubbyNerd
I've never been anywhere to get something.
js250 js250
My husband collects shot glasses and I collect pens.
Rossie Rossie
Mostly refrigerator magnets, and T-shirts/sweatshirts (if they're of good quality).
mpfm mpfm
My husband likes to mugs from places he has been. I don't collect anything specific when traveling.
mlmac mlmac
Originally posted by Rossie
Mostly refrigerator magnets, and T-shirts/sweatshirts (if they're of good quality).
Same here !
Hummingbird Hummingbird
Usually a shot or special drink glass but always a stick pin, from different places I've visited in my travels.
Wicked Wahine Wicked Wahine
I just buy something I like which means probably jewelry or clothes/accessories!
KinkyKatieJames KinkyKatieJames
I tend to buy costume jewelry and sweatshirts. I don't have to get something everywhere I go, but I definitely like to.
Woman China Woman China
Ummm... do pictures count???? Now, I collect recipes. So much easier to just type the recipe into your phone or iPad or onto the laptop and store!!!

I used to try collecting a stone or something small, but when you've travelled around as much as I do, that box you hold them in gets bigger and bigger and bigger.
PeaceToTheMiddleEast PeaceToTheMiddleEast
I just picked up a keychain, shot glass and a glass figurine from our trip to Myrtle beach. I usually try to pick up a keychain mostly or shirts but I did not see any I liked.
PropertyOfPotter PropertyOfPotter
We collect odds and ends that remind us of our trip. Sometimes it will be something as simple as a paper drink coaster from a restaurant, or something as permanent as a tattoo!
Sera26 Sera26
I collect shot glasses.
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