I am just so happy I have to share!

newlady newlady
My hubby and I have been married for 26 years next wednesday. I have to say, our sex life is better now than it has EVER been! I sort of feel like a teenager again - horny all the time, my heart beats faster when he touches me & I'm instantly turned on...we are doing it at least once a day now if not more...
My husband is overjoyed with this. There were many years where my lack of.... interest let's say... must have really pushed his patience level. I am thankful everyday for such a caring partner.
I'm just so darn happy I just wanted to share with someone, and I know YOU guys all understand. It's not like it's a topic I could put as my status on facebook... *giggles at the thought*
I would like to thank Eden Fantasys for the wealth of information I have found here. This is one of the first sites like this that I had ever visited and the only one I visit on a daily basis. This site really has been really helpful with our new found exploration.
Hope YOUR day is as good as mine!
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SexyLilPixi SexyLilPixi
Yay!! You're right, that IS something to be overjoyed about!

Congrats to the happy couple for renewing the intimacy!
GravyCakes GravyCakes
damn, i hope i have that kind of sex life after that many yrs of marriage someday.
indiglo indiglo
That's great! Definitely something to be excited about. Rekindling that spark is a wonderful achievement - congratulations to the both of you. May you have many more years full of sex!
Sammi Sammi
That is awesome!
B8trDude B8trDude
Congrats! You are very fortunate!
newlady newlady
Thank you everyone for your great wishes!

Yes, I am very fortunate indeed!
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