Swingers Clubs: Your Thoughts?

pleasurehunter pleasurehunter
Im curious, just ot sure if it would be awkward
PleasurableThings PleasurableThings
We are in Canada and I think the legalities around on-premise clubs are somewhat different, but we do have a full range of qualities (from sketchy to delightful) in our swing clubs, and also have fetish clubs that allow on-premise play. Also many clubs have nights just for particular preferences: young swingers, bisexual, etc.

Our usual habit, when we go to the clubs vs. private dates/parties, is to go with a small group of close friends. We ignore the creepy people, dance our asses off, and then go to the play area with our awesome friends who we already love and trust!
12345678 12345678
I really like them, but I'm a big fan of anonymous and group sex, so!
EdenJP EdenJP
Interesting Poll
jdFtM jdFtM
We don't have any clubs where I'm at, just private parties.
Zombirella Zombirella
Originally posted by Valyn
What are your thoughts on swingers clubs?
I just find the whole idea gross =/
chibi1091 chibi1091
...No...but thanks away lol.
Badass Badass
Originally posted by Valyn
What are your thoughts on swingers clubs?
kinda scared of the thought...
Siekarr Siekarr
Never have, but would like to.
freda freda
Originally posted by Valyn
What are your thoughts on swingers clubs?
no way
Harpina is gone Harpina is gone
I voted other because the first one was only half right. I would say no way, but I don't think it's for crazy orgies. I'm just not into it. Neither I nor my man wish to share or be with anyone else.
Boobs and Lubes Boobs and Lubes
we are soft swingers and yes the clubs are a little creepy, but the parties absolutely rock. we have met some amazing people in the lifestyle, so much more fun
Tangles Tangles
I love how so many people who answered the pole would be willing to try one. Ah, the people of Eden.
badk1tty badk1tty
Originally posted by Valyn
What are your thoughts on swingers clubs?
Not my thing, but if it's yours, awesome.
The Kitty The Kitty
Originally posted by Valyn
What are your thoughts on swingers clubs?
I've been to a handful but its just not our thing, we're poly in the committed multiple relationship kinda way not in the casual sex with strangers kinda way, the swinging scene also IMO is very unfriendly to queers and rather male-centric
Rey Rey
try everything once, right? ;D
blackbunny blackbunny
I'd love to go to a swingers or even and BDSM gathering but I think I spooked myself when I was looking for one in my area. I came across this website for a club in my area and they had a video. So I watched it. Now every time I think of going to one or exploring the internet to find one again I think of creepy people who look old enough to be my grandparents. Can't do it.
MidnightStorm MidnightStorm
I'm interested in them, but not for a few years. It would definitely take a lot of confidence and trust to do that!
Pandwhora Pandwhora
I've always been curious.
loveme loveme
I personally wouldn't do it, I don't think I could handle that without getting jealous. But I have nothing against it. Just because I'm not into it doesn't mean it's wrong. Everyone is into different things Plus it sounds fun, if that was something I was into lol.
llellsee llellsee
I've been to a couple of private swingers parties and tend to feel out of my depth at them. I prefer fetish nights.
TransGuy14 TransGuy14
I love the concept, and as long as they aren't creepy and pushy, I think I would love the experience!
Martiniman Martiniman
Interesting idea...been considered in the past, but my wife and I decided against it.
Chastity Darling Chastity Darling
I would like to attend a party without participating
Lavendar Lavendar
I would check a club out.
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