#AskEden - Review not publishing?

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#AskEden - Review not publishing?

AskEden AskEden

Sometimes we get an email or a customer service ticket about a reviewer not being able to save/publish a review.

One of the main reasons for this would be because the reviewer used characters that confuse the system. I can't tell you which characters, because then this post won't go up...trust me.

So, if you use the greater than or less than symbols (Shift + , or Shift + .), your review will won't go up.

Hope that helps!

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Snozzberries Snozzberries
I actually just tried a bunch of characters and found some that you were speaking of.

Interesting to know - I'm not sure why I'd use those characters in a review but good to know anyway.
misskat misskat
I have been going crazy for two days trying to get a review posted! Everytime I tried to submit, it kicked me back to the homepage. Come to find out, it was because I had used a symbol! Thanks so much for this post!
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