LowFreqFreak has graduated!

LowFreqFreak has graduated!

Antipova Antipova
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I've had a wonderful class with LowFreakFreak---just today we published our second review together, and he's ready to graduate!

Mr. LFF and I snatched each other up after he wrote his first pump review, and in my class he's put out a review of a penis head pump, and an innovative suction-style "jack-off device." I've loved his sense of humor from day one, and I've learned a lot about pumping from him---so much that I even tried my first clit pump after he inspired me.

He wrote this review of the Penis Head Pump from CalExotics, and this one of the Doc Joc's Incredible Jack-Off Device in my class.

Drop by his reviews and check on his progress, congratulate him, and look for more reviews to come from him! I think he's going to become Eden's expert on pumping, and I can't wait to read more from him in the future.

Welcome LowFreqFreak to Eden's Advanced Reviewers, everybody!
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Kindred Kindred
Jul!a Jul!a
Congratulations to both of you!
LowFreqFreak LowFreqFreak
Thanks! Antipova is sooo easy to work with and incredibly helpful. She's really brought out my inner reviewer. lol!
meitman meitman
Congrats you two!
toxie m toxie m
This sounds like it's been an awesomely positive experience for the both of you, congratulations!
TheCleansing TheCleansing
Congrats. Great job!
indiglo indiglo
Congrats and way to go!
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