How to bring up anal with my boyfriend?

candice8284 candice8284
I want to start using anal sex toys with my boyfriend. I think he would really enjoy them. He used to be a big prude but over time he has gotten better. I just don't know how to suggest this. Thanks for your advice.
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dv8 dv8
Would they be inserted in him or in you?
*Ash* *Ash*
I had that talk with. Y girlfriend last night. She took it really well and thought it was hot. You just need to approach it like "so, I'm interested in some anal play. Would you be comfortable with that?" And see where it goes from there. Maybe even let him watch you do it to yourself!
biolysis biolysis
Make sure you introduce the topic outside of the bedroom. You also need to introduce the subject lightly to him and tell him how much you would like. However, you need take into consideration of his reaction, which is the most important to establish the "anal talk" without distractions and without preconceived attitudes. Once that exists, you need to persist and talk about it more and more frequently.
spiced spiced
The first time I tried anal, my girlfriend (at the time) simply guided my cock to her butt. She was pretty shy, but I thought she conveyed the message nicely! It worked for us, but it's certainly not the best approach for everybody!

I suggest starting a more general discussion about fantasies and desires. I find the best time to do this is in bed, either before having sex or on a night when you're not going to have sex. Let him go first and listen with an open mind. Tell him which ones interest you. Then tell him yours, including anal play. Be sure to tell him how much pleasure is involved!
Bill220 Bill220
I would suggest jumping on this website with him, browse through some toys, asking his opinion all the while and casually start looking at anal toys. If he doesn't like the idea of you using them on him, ask him if he'd use them on you. After he sees how much you enjoy them, maybe he'll want to give them a try. And if he's not interested at all, buy a couple of toys for yourself, use them alone and store them where he'll see them.

I have to tell you that I tried this with my wife and it didn't work. She has zero interest in things anal. But, it might work for you.
Trysexual Trysexual
Originally posted by dv8
Would they be inserted in him or in you?
That was my question too.
Mikemanz Mikemanz
i eased into it with my wife, first a finger then working up to toys, then her using toys on me. it was a gradual approach
MidnightStorm MidnightStorm
Judging by the "I think HE would enjoy them," I'm guessing the poster is wanting to insert them into HIM. I agree with what others have said: introduce the topic lightly, outside of the bedroom. If you get him to agree (it might take time), be sure to start small and move up VERY gradually to dildos of varying sizes.
dv8 dv8
Rraine Rraine
I agree with what everyone else has said so far; ease into the topic lightly and do research together with toys. You may find that he wants to try it out as well. The first time my boyfriend and I did anal; I had told him that I wanted to try it and that I would be okay if he wanted to or didn't want to.
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