#AskEden - Out of Stock Still??

dindagail dindagail
Moon plug
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Do you think it will ever be back in stock any time soon?? I have been waiting for a long while now it seems like..
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You can submit a support ticket if you want information on when something will come back in stock. They'll usually be able to give an estimate.
RedKyuubi RedKyuubi
I want it too
dv8 dv8
This was in stock and part of the 40% off sale on Oct 5.
Mikemanz Mikemanz
I want one!!
AskEden AskEden
I passed your question on to the Product Manager who could give me answer when he gets his 1000 things down to a manageable 150 or so.

I would suggest setting an alert and submitting a support ticket on it.

Maxim Maxim
This product is currently being restocked!
Petite Cannibal Petite Cannibal
Submit a support ticket. I am about to. It's been almost 3 months since you posted this, and I've been waiting for it since then.
dv8 dv8
And now it's discontinued.
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