Best G Spot stimulation: glass vs silicone?

levellc09 levellc09
Which material do you feel offers the most intense stimulation without being overwhelming? I know that some silicones are firmer than other so please comment below if a certain silicone toy is firmer and closer to glass.
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19  (66%)
2  (7%)
Total votes: 29
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Lolitalia Lolitalia
Glass all the way!
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
Originally posted by Lolitalia
Glass all the way!
Agreed - don't forget about metal. We also love the Njoy Pure Wand and Eleven and the Tantus Alumina.
indiglo indiglo
Yeah, I agree it's probably glass. (Although some silicones are plenty firm and rigid, like the Tantus Boss, for example.) And you really can apply as much pressure as you'd like with glass, so it can either be really, really intense, or a bit more subtle depending on how you use the toy.
Hallmar82 Hallmar82
Although I do not have a g-spot, many have said that they need a much firmer pressure to get a g-spot orgasm. Glass won't bend or give any so it will offer the most aggressive stimulation.
Djiffy Djiffy
I prefer glass for g-spot stimulation. It's a little easier to get the right amount of pressure.
MGDavicnigirl MGDavicnigirl
I tried my first glass toy recently and nothing beats glass. I'm a total convert!
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