Benefits/Downfalls of Glass Dildos?

StarrStacked StarrStacked
Can anyone explain the benefits and/or downfalls of a glass dildo for me? I know they'd be good for temp play but what makes them so great other than that? Just curious, thanks!
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gsfanatic gsfanatic
The main benefits are temperature play and sterilization. The downside can be that it keeps temperature, so if you store it in a cold place it'll be unpleasant. The rigidity can also be a turnoff
Gracie Gracie
I like how easy they are to clean, and I can get the firm broad pressure I need. I also like wood and metal as well as silicone. I like variety!
ScottA ScottA
They're very slick when lubed and the stiff material allows you to apply pressure.

The downsides: They can be scratched if you're not careful, textures on them can be too much, they're cold if not warmed up, most of them are smaller (but they feel bigger than they are because of the stiff material).
Lildrummrgurl7 Lildrummrgurl7
I love how slick and rigid they are. I love the temperature play. They're so easy to clean and can be sterilized so they're good for sharing between partners.

Some people aren't into solid, rigid toys, so that can be a downfall if you prefer supple, squishy material. They can also be scratched and damaged, but that doesn't happen often if they're properly cared for and stored.
Girly Juice Girly Juice
I love that they're firm like steel, but lighter and easier to wield. You have to be careful not to bruise yourself though.
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