What would you reccommend as a beginner toy to someone who hasn't lost thier virginity yet?

AshMegYo AshMegYo
I want to buy a beginner's toy for my cousin, yet she's still a virgin. I want something rather small and discreet. I thought about a bullet that can easily be described as something like lipstick. What is your reccommendation? What was your first toy?
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Gracie Gracie
A clit vibe is a good place to start. I can recomend Tango as a great bullet type vibe, or Mimi. My first toy isn't one I recomend. I think you might as well start out with a good quality toy rather than something cheap that may end up being a dissapointment. Both toys I recomended are nice quality and rechargable and waterproof. I always look for waterproof even if I'm not planning on using it in water, it makes clean up so much easier!
P'Gell P'Gell
The Ultimate Massager pocket rocket is a great toy. It isn't an insertable, it's an amazing clit (or anywhere else) vibe and IMO, the best in the pocket rocket category. Pocket rockets don't even look like sex toys, to most people and are acceptable to even shy women. Not all pocket rockets are the same, though. The Nasstoys Ultimate Massager is absolutely the top of the line. And it on sale now. It fits right in the hand and is as quiet as could be.

My first toy wouldn't help. I had been having sex for more than a decade and a half when I got my first sex toy, so I started with large toys that may be imposing to a young woman who has yet to have sex.
gavind gavind
Hi. I don't think this is appropriate for her yet since she's still a virgin. Better to break her hymen first with her BF then enjoy the toys. EdenFantasys Logo
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