Are wooden sex toys worth the price?

Do emu Do emu
I have no idea. I really need to delve into new materials. Soon!
Apirka Apirka
I've had a wooden toy on my wishlist for some time. They are a bit expensive, but the work that goes into them might be worth it.
travelnurse travelnurse
I love my Fling and it is so worth purchasing it when it is on sale.
SaiDiscordia SaiDiscordia
Haven't gotten one yet, but I have some on my wish list.
ASpiritedSlut ASpiritedSlut
I think they're awesome, but I really do wish they were more affordable.
jr2012 jr2012
I haven't bought one yet, but I do think they are fairly priced. Well made wood pieces are labor intensive, and often handmade. Not to mention the price of a good wood!
victorsummers victorsummers
Overall I don't like wooden sex toys
Kiss Kiss
I'd like to try, but I GOTTA be honest; a LIL afraid of splinters! Don't know if it would happen, but still....
Real or memorex Real or memorex
They are more expensive, but that would not stop me if I were curious enough. I'm not particularly curious, though.
novanilla novanilla
I'm not interested in wooden dildos, but I think it makes sense that they are expensive. It takes a lot of work to carve them into a good shape and also make them so smooth and safe to use. I mean you can't give someone splinters up their cooch! That takes hard work with someone's hands.
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