glass dildos

agilbert agilbert
would a glass dildo be considered green
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Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
Why would I care? I'm doing it for fun. The greenest thing is to never buy anything - but what fun is that. I live my life with adequate respect for the environment - but I don't sweat the small stuff.
nanners nanners
Though consumerism is inherently ungreen, we can reduce our footprint with the choices we make. Glass can be a poor choice for the environment in terms of the resources used. Clear glass has a lengthier and more energy-intensive production process. Colored glass, like some of the Icicles line, can also have a negative impact.
Glass, however, is easy to clean and often is less wasteful in production than many plastics. Harsh chemicals can easily be avoided while using glass products.
Tips for green sex toys (and living green in general): Find a toy that will last a loooong time, that's rechargeable and doesn't require harsh chemicals to clean.
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