so discourging any suggestions plz

Secret Pleasure Secret Pleasure
So im trying to find a few pieces of sexcee lingere I am a plus size women and in the past have purchased things that even though they said would fit did not. i keep reading reviews on everything but all the reviews im reading keep saying not for bigger breats. now i am 44 ddd but can wear some dd and i wear sizes between 16-20 depening how its made. Any one have suggestions on pieces that might fit me.
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peep this review, it may be something for you to look into. The girl who wrote it I know in person, and she has GIGANTIC breasts.

Hope this was helpful.
Secret Pleasure Secret Pleasure
thanks for sharinf that is super cute added to my w/l
Woman China Woman China
I'd suggest dropping into your local stores and trying on a whole selection of things. See how different styles fit your body. Then return here to EF and look for things similar to what fit you best.
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