any water based lubes for a silicone fan?

MattBryant MattBryant
For some reason i just don't like the feel of most water based lubes when they dry (i feel gummy). i strongly prefer silicone, but finding mens toys that interest me and that are safe with silicone is kind of difficult.

are there any specific water based lubes that don't leave a sticky residue when they start to dry?
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PropertyOfPotter PropertyOfPotter
I absolutely love SPUNK Lube Hybrid. It's not water-based, but it's a blend that's safe to use with your silicone toys. If you want to check it out more, you can find my blog on my profile and do a search for it. I have a review up that will also link you to where it can be purchased.
MissMandii MissMandii
I really like the organic Sliquids. I don't know if it is the plant cellulose or what, but their water based lube stays nice and slippery, no tacky/stickiness like most water based.
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