Can this lubricant be used with silicone or UR3 toys?

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Can this lubricant be used with silicone or UR3 toys?

kaykay0427 kaykay0427
Silk lube
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I heard that it's a hybrid which has a type of silicone in it.... I hope it wasn't a waste of money... Please give me some input...
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CountryPrincess CountryPrincess
So far the Sliquid stuff I have bought I really enjoy but I havent tried that one yet
Menarae Menarae
I haven't used that exact one, but I've used Liquid Silk and Maximus, both of which contain the same silicone ingredient (dimethicone). It also shows up in Intimate Organics Adventure and Daring sprays. Someone here tried to tell me that Liquid Silk destroyed their silicone toys, but I've used it on platinum cure, medical grade, and cheap ass silicone, as well as on cyberskin, PVC, TPR, latex, and jelly, and I've never seen an adverse reaction. So I have no idea what happened to that other person's toy, but I doubt it was the dimethicone.
kaykay0427 kaykay0427
thanks for the input...
indiglo indiglo
Just as an FYI - Maximus does NOT have dimethicone in it. It has parabens in it, but NO dimethicone. It is a 100% water-based lubricant.

Ingredients are (off my bottle):
Highly Purified Water, Propylene Glycol, Cellulose Polymer Disodium EDTA Phenoxyethanol, Methyl Paraben, Butyl Paraben, Ethyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben

Sliquid Silk only has a very small amount of dimethicone in it, so I'd recommend doing a spot test on your silicone toys (in an inconspicuous area) and if there's no reaction you should be just fine!
minxx minxx
THANK YOU! I saw "hybrid" on the bottle, so I was wondering the same thing! I really want to try it, but I spent WAY too much $ on my silicone toy to risk it. Perhaps I'll just use it for regular sex.
powerqueen powerqueen
I really hope this works on my silicone toys! Water based washes off too easily in the shower and regular silicone based can't be used with silicone toys....
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