Is this really like getting a blow job?

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Does this product really give you the simulation that you are getting a blow job? I mean i have the Sasha Grey pocket pussy and i love it but it tore and i am above average so my member kinda poked though the back of the toy. I was just wondering if this feels like your getting head please reply and give me some answers if you or someone you know has purchased this product before thank you.
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Fluke Fluke
None of the blowjob imitators are anywhere close to a real blowjob. No way can any material duplicate a hot sloppy bj.

I suggest going for one of the fleshlight girls mouth fleshlights because they have a texture to them. They aren't realistic but they feel fantastic and worth the price. You can close your eyes and pretend it is a real bj and since sex is mostly mental with a good imagination it can feel real good.
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