Is glass better to use?

StephanieTaylor StephanieTaylor
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How much better is glass
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Originally posted by StephanieTaylor
How much better is glass
You can many reviews or even the material link from the product page on why glass is better then other materials. I love glass for the simple fact that its non porous an can be sterilized
married with children married with children
how much better is glass then what? Its better then jelly or rubber. And I would even say better then TPR and the like. But I like silicone or stainless steel better then glass.
ASpiritedSlut ASpiritedSlut
Depends on what you're comparing it to. It's similar to steel, in texture and temperature. It's just as good as silicone for being non-porous and easy to clean. I like glass plugs, but for long wear I prefer silicone.
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