Vaginal Balls

Carolinagirl08 Carolinagirl08
I was intrested in buying some vaginal balls. What i was wondering is do they really work? What is the best brand to buy that isnt really expensive? I was also worried about the size. Some i have looked at look WAY too big for me. I already do kegels i just wanted some extra help. Any feedback would be great!

Dont pay any mind to the related to link. I was trying to post a question & i posted it to the wrong link.
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sexygoddess sexygoddess
When I got my first kegal balls.. I dont remember what brand they were.. I didn't realize how BIG they were. But, after continuous use for a while.. they do tighten you up. I recently got the Lelo ones.
travelnurse travelnurse
I got a paid of cheap ben wa balls and I liked them so much I purchased the uno and the Duo set and I love them. I do believe that they have made sex better. I'm a nurse and I am currently doing research but it definitely looks like they have even greater benefits such as stopping stress incontinence later in life
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