Throes how do these work?

sweetiejo sweetiejo
Fascinator posh throe
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Okay I have read the review and information given but I'm still confused about these whats the big deal exactly?
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Jul!a Jul!a
An easy to transport waterproof blanket is always a nice thing. For some it's not a necessity and is overrated, but it can change the lives of others.
indiglo indiglo
If you aren't a female ejaculator, it might not be such a big deal for you. But for those of us who occasionally (or regularly) soak through blankets, comforters, etc... this thing is a life saver, just as Sam said. I don't know that everyone would need it, but I think it's fantastic!
Subbi Subbi
I love our throe. It added to our sex life in a way I never would have thought. My fiance constantly makes me squirt all over to the point where our bed and floor are soaked for days. With the throe, all the liquids are absorbed and it eliminates any "hassle" that I associated with sex. No more sleeping on wet spots. I refuse to have sex without our throw. It's the first thing I grab before our clothes even come off lol
wdanas wdanas
For us it was mostly to have a place to not worry about massage oils ruining the sheets. Any old blanket could have done for that, but we liked the idea of a dedicated sexy blanket. And it was on sale.
LinToxic LinToxic
I do need these I think
sweetiejo sweetiejo
Not something major for me i think, but they are cute.
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