Beginner... need help picking a vibe!

Violet Queen Violet Queen
Violet Queen
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Hey everyone,

I'm totally new to the world of sex toys and I'm looking for a small and discreet vibrator that would be good for beginners. Do you have any suggestions for me?

Thanks xoxo
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Khanner Khanner
This list should have what you want, in particular, the Tantus bullets which are on sale and good quality.
kaykay0427 kaykay0427
I love the short and sweet vibe by doc johnson... It's makes a great clit vibe and it's my favorite out of my whole collection. If you want a good traditional vibrator I would recommend the velvet touch vibrator... I don't personally have this one but I know someone who does and she loves it.
LoooveMonkey LoooveMonkey
I Rub My Duckie. I love it. <3
epiphanyjayne epiphanyjayne
Get the We vibe Salsa or Tango, or maybe the Touch. start with the best! they are the best small vibes out there. it is possible that they are to strong for you if your extra sensitive. but being a beginner you just need to know if you prefer high or low pitched vibes, most prefer low/rumbly.
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