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Taffy tickler teaser
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Opinion- bullet better with bumps or without?
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Ghost Ghost
I prefer without, usually. That one looks pretty scary.
Love Perpetua Love Perpetua
I think without, although a subtle texture might be nice. That is way too much, and reminds me of a porcupine. Not something I want near my lady bits.
I<3SexCreativeEy? I<3SexCreativeEy?
With. My clitoris is strange and enjoys lots of texture. Strictly vibrations never get me off and always make me numb. The texture of this, even without the vibrations, would send me off easily I'm sure .
Missmarc Missmarc
Normally without, but exception can be made!
mandaj mandaj
i never tried a tickler bullet...looks exciting lol
mandaj mandaj
never had a bullet tickler!!! looks fun
Glinteye Glinteye
Ithink it really varies!
honeybee57 honeybee57
if u want a smooth ride get the classic medal color if u want some fun different way to try a twist on an old product go with bumps, ridges etc. if its ur first go w/ the classic or u could just buy one of ea. to see what u like best
Rbk Rbk
The spikes give a really great tingly feeling and combined with the vibrations feels really good! But no aplying too much pressure. I do not recommed this toy for using it on a daily basis, I think it's just for ocasional use because of it's weird feeling. Also if you use the toy without the vibrations on, it can give you a tottally different feeling.
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