AtlDom85 AtlDom85
Which is your favorite?
Feb 20, 2:48 pm
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edeneve edeneve
by far any!!!

Feb 20, 8:40 pm
Rossie Rossie
The njoy Eleven -- too bad EF isn't selling it anymore.
Feb 20, 11:54 pm
Wicked Wahine Wicked Wahine
Originally posted by AtlDom85
Which is your favorite?
Without a doubt, even including the Pure Wand which I adore, nothing is better for me than this one also called the Ergo from the Nude series by Blush novelties. It's weird looking, but who the heck cares when it feels so amazing?!?! This beats all the many VixSkin I own, hands down, but be warned, I do like a more squishy dildo, not a really firm one, though I do love glass, go figure. I find something about VixSkin to be irritating to me and most consider it very squishy, so maybe that gives you some reference points. Even though the Ergo is soft enough for me, it's still insertable, but the head is pretty bulbous which makes it a little harder to get int at first, but oh my, does it doe great things once it's in!
Feb 21, 5:09 am
edeneve edeneve
Originally posted by edeneve
by far any!!!

oops. I didn't mean any. I meant to say the G-Brush.
Feb 24, 1:29 pm
SaucyxGirl SaucyxGirl
By far my favorite is Man O' War. Got a nice girth and length! Eden doesn't sell it sadly, I also wish it was made of another material. Right now that is the only dildo I own that isn't made of silicone, glass or metal.
Feb 24, 5:03 pm
dv8 dv8
Originally posted by Rossie
The njoy Eleven -- too bad EF isn't selling it anymore.
I like the Eleven and the Outlaw.
Feb 26, 6:32 pm
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