Do you ever tired of using your vibrator and just prefer manual stimulation?

Wicked Wahine Wicked Wahine
I find I prefer my fingers for my clit and a dildo or sometimes a vibe for my vagina. If I really want to drag out the session, I use a vibe on my clit because it numbs me out to some degree, even on the lowest settings, so I can go for a looong time.

Like Rossie and Ansley though,, I do not like my fingers in my vaginal and I find they don't produce the fullness I crave. In fact, I don't like the sensation of any fingers inside me, male or female (at least so far as I've experienced thus far). They are always uncomfortable and poke-y, too.
Apr 30, 12:27 am
icyqueen icyqueen
Yes,sometimes I only prefer manual stimulation.
May 11, 9:45 am
Crimsondevilsin Crimsondevilsin
Eh no not really, but then again i dont use my toys ALL the time etheir,
May 18, 10:02 pm
lalapetitee lalapetitee
I sometimes like to use a dildo or traditional vibrator instead of a clit vib.
May 26, 7:55 pm
toysforall toysforall
My wife loves them both, but prefers a vibe.
Sep 10, 8:24 pm
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