Finger Vibe Opinions!!

LaLaLouise LaLaLouise
At this moment, the only time I can achieve (and have ever achieved) orgasm is with a vibrator that stimulates both clitoris and g-spot (Rabbits, Butterfly Kiss, etc). And I REALLY want to have one during sex. So I'm always on the hunt for something I can use for clitoral stimulation during sex. Cockrings are not an option because my sweetie doesn't like anything contacting him. I showed him pics online of strap-on bullets that strap around your thighs, and he didn't seem too thrilled (I don't blame him, those things aren't terribly sexy looking). I've tried various finger vibes and they just didn't stimulate my clitoris the way I like. I determined that it's the bunny and butterfly shaped bullets on my rabbits that I enjoy so much! The little ears/antennae/wings etc seem to be the right shape for me. So now I'm trying to find a clitoral vibrator--doesn't necessarily need to be a finger vibe as long as it's easy to hold onto, won't come into contact with him, and preferably is wireless. I looked up finger vibes on this site and saw a couple I'm keeping in mind, but does anybody know of any, finger vibes or other bullets, that sound like they'll do the trick for me?
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