Glass vibrators?

Roz W Roz W
I'm a big fan of glass dildos/wands (and would go for glass buttplugs, maybe, if I had the cash), but "glass vibrators" is new/surprising to me (and a little scary). What's your take?
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pinkpottergirl pinkpottergirl
I am personally dieing to try one, They are supposed be awesome
BobbiJay BobbiJay
I have the Reflections By Doc Johnson and I have to say I really do love it.
ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
I only have a couple glass vibes but they are great if you like hard material-ed vibes. As long as you do not set it down on a hard surface while it is on you should have no issues. Most of them are Borosilicate glass and are quite strong. You will find little vibration intensity loss with glass like you do with soft materials so for vibe enthusiast they are awesome.
flutterby flutterby
I have several glass ones of different shapes and sizes. I really love the ones that have swirls and knobbies!!! Talking about a wet experience...
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