High intensity bullet!

nicole07 nicole07
Has anyone else tried out the free high intensity bullet that eden fantasys gave out last time? Oh my gosh that thing is amazing!
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Taylor Taylor
I have one, but I got it before eden was giving them away. Mine is kind of sporadic. It doesn't always work and seems to short out pretty often. I guess I must have gotten a dud. I like that it's small and discreet though.
Ajax Ajax
I liked the size and the power was pretty good, but mine died after 4 or 5 uses so I wasn't too happy with it in the end. I haven't come across the batteries it needs anywhere around here either so that is one toy that will probably be visiting the trash next time we do a toy clean up.
Willis2011 Willis2011
I have one and its great. hope it lasts though
M. Roth M. Roth
Oh man, I love this toy. So much. It's perfect!
oopsy oopsy
I just tried mine and I was a little under welmed. The vibrations are so buzzy and short. I dont know maybe mine is defective but I'm not that into it.
fredacarl fredacarl
I have one and its great. hope it lasts though
funny4now funny4now
It is hard to find any female vibe that really works well. They are either too weak, too loud or just too tempermental.
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