Is Mio worth the price?

KaelVonrik KaelVonrik
Mio review
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Is this cock ring worth the price, aren't other cheaper ones just as good?
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Zombirella Zombirella
Personally, I think it's worth it. I like ours and it is the only cock ring that I have tried that actually really did the job for me and that he enjoyed as well. I reviewed it if you are interested in checking it out.
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
I've just ordered one - so I'll be doing a review soon. Since we have the Mimi already, we know Je Joue can pack a big punch into a small package. The other ones I've seen have either watch batteries or an N battery and have almost no power - not to mention they are made from jelly materials.

I'll go with quality every time.
sexyfun sexyfun
I reviewed Mio as well, and honestly even though it's not powerful enough for me I still reach for it when we're having sex. I enjoy the added sensation it provides.
notjustinbieber notjustinbieber
Just received mine today (although had to buy from another site b/c EF was out of stock ). I can tell right away that this is worth it. While the vibrations aren't rumbly like I hoped (was thinking something more in line with the WeVibe Salsa / Tango), the vibes are really, really, really strong for a c-ring. It is also well made - soft silicone, waterproof, strong but pliable ring. If you just want to mess around with c rings periodically and not use them to actually get off, buy the cheap ones. However, if you think you'll use the ring regularly, want to have a shot of finishing with one, and want your wearer to have the benefits of a true, tight fitting ring (e.g., prolonged, swollen erections), this appears to be the one to spend the $$$ on in this current market. Can't wait to use it for its intended purpose () with a review to follow.
783883877299373783 783883877299373783
Yes, it is quality, quiet, powerful, rechargeable and waterproof. Everything I ever wanted in a cock ring
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