Rabbit vibes and thrusting?

eri86 eri86
I know you can buy rabbits that thrust, but the construction of the thrusting head always makes me turn away.

So on non thrusting rabbits, how does thrusting them yourself work? Or does the clitoral arm get it in the way?
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edeneve edeneve
I find the clit attachment interferes if I thrust any of my Rabbits. I'm actually fascinated w/ the thrusting Rabbits but reluctant to get one till it's well proven that the thrusting action is really good & the vibe holds up well.
kat17 kat17
Try inserting & rocking it back/forth (up/down) rather than in/out thrusting. By back/forth I mean you're moving the handle up/down like...uh, a light switch? Hah, sorry, that's an odd visual. I don't like the rabbits with the "ears" or pokey extensions, so this method may not work with those. But it works fine with my G4 Tiger & the Jopen vr6.
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