This is gonna sound stupid but...

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This is gonna sound stupid but...

lov69 lov69
Bull nose nipple jewelry review
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do these work even if u have small nipples??????
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Girly Juice Girly Juice
You can always pinch your nipples and pull them outward if they're naturally too small to clip clamps onto.
indiglo indiglo
I've seen some people even pinch them out so far they actually put the clamps on the skin outside the edges of the areola. So if your nipples and areolas are really small, you could even try that.
K101 K101
Originally posted by lov69
do these work even if u have small nipples??????
I don't know for sure. What does "conna" mean?

I would say they would work, but I don't know about this particular type. I don't like tweezer clamps. I use Kinklab's Mandible Body clamps. I'm pretty sure those would be far more likely to fit than the tweezers. Hope that's helpful. Just look up "Kinklab Mandible Body Clamps" on your search engine to see a photo. I love them! EF doesn't carry em' though. I recently gave some more in-depth info on the clamps in a recent thread asking about clamps. Try checking on the forums in the clamp section if you want more opinions.
SassySam SassySam
i have pretty small nipples and i've used a similar product without any problems.
equally-owned equally-owned
My own nipples are small, and when 'just hanging out' lay naturally flat to the skin -- and either way, they work quite well (not that they don't perk up when I grab 'em to get 'em in there...but, no problems. And the Mr.'s are even smaller: they work on him too.)

I agree with kendra above: if you're superconcerned, the mandible type will grab on anything, too, so you'd have more control over _where_ and _what_ you were grabbing on to -- always nice to have more options AROUND the whole nipple area, but as these close all the way completely, as long as you could grab any skin anywhere, I can say they'd grab on to anything you'd probably like them to -- nipples or otherwise.

(p.s. -- imo, there are no 'stupid' questions. just fun-exploring-'what's next?! or 'what might I like or not' or 'what might work for me' questions!)
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