Using a rabbit on a man

Chefbriapink Chefbriapink
Waterproof jack rabbit vibrator
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nosrslylol nosrslylol
I don't think it'd go very well, but I've never been a man so I couldn't tell you.
clockwork451 clockwork451
Some might be interested.
Mascara Mascara
Would not want to.
Gdom Gdom
Can you? Sure. Is he going to like it? That depends on both his preferences and on how you use it. If he likes being penetrated, well, a rabbit has that capability and the same thing goes for vibrations. All that being said, a rabbit just doesn't seem ideal for use on a man. For a woman, the little rabbit part is great for clitoral stimulation during penetration, but if you're using the rabbit to anally penetrate a man, I can't see where that little rabbit would go without being dreadfully uncomfortable. So sure, in a pinch you could use the rabbit for anal penetration, but if you go too deep, those little bunny ears are going to start jabbing him in the scrotum. Unless he happens to be really into scrotum-poking, you're probably better off finding another toy.
moongirl moongirl
Oh, dear.
spineyogurt spineyogurt
I wouldnt enjoy that
lolisadist lolisadist
eh it really depends, personally I don't like it
kaylajoy89 kaylajoy89
I've never really thought about it but it doesn't sound like a good thing.
Herzer Herzer
Originally posted by Chefbriapink
Can ya?
It would be worth a try. If penetrating with it the ears might be nice on behind the scrotum or it might be pokey. You just don't know until you try.
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