Vibration patterns on vibrators...can you feel the difference?

Martiniman Martiniman
My wife tells me that she really can't tell a difference between the different patterns that most vibrators have. She enjoys the strength levels, but says that the patterns do nothing for her. FYI...we are talking about the high end vibrators mind you.

My you like vibrator patterns and can you tell the difference when you change them?
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kdlt kdlt
I can tell the difference when I change them but no, they don't really do much for me. I prefer to escalate the speed.
*Camoprincess* *Camoprincess*
I prefer a steady vibration the roller coaster,pulsating and all that just aggravate me. I can only tell the difference between them when I first change them but they don't do much for me other then piss me off.
Gracie Gracie
Yes, I can tell the difference, but no, I don't like them. I need strong steady vibrations in a vibrator if I am going to have an orgasm.
Sammi Sammi
I can tell the difference on a lot of them - and internally I like a lot of the pulsing patterns, particularly with the G4s.
gingerhiker gingerhiker
I can also tell the difference between the patterns. I'm not a huge fan of the patterns when I use a vibrator internally, but I do like them for clitoral stimulation. My favorites are the random setting and escalating.
Inkkythesquid Inkkythesquid
I Don't Really Use Patterns. I Prefer A Steady Vibration
indiglo indiglo
I can tell the difference, definitely. Like others, I just don't like the patterned settings. I prefer steady vibrations outside & inside!
charmedtomeetyou charmedtomeetyou
I can tell the difference, but I'm not a pattern lover. I prefer a few intensities of steady vibrations.
talon4196 talon4196
She likes them sometimes.
Girly Juice Girly Juice
The only pattern I like is the oscillating one on the Jimmyjane Form 2.
Wicked Wahine Wicked Wahine
Pulsing, throbbing, rumbling and other patterns with pauses work for me, especially without a lot of buzz. I guess I respond differently because there seems to be an overwhelming preference for constant vibration with intensity settings. Constant vibrations of any strength just make me itch & go numb
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