Prostate Massagers

olboy olboy
Looking for the pros and cons of prostate massagers. Never used one before im interested in purchasing one want I want to make sure its the right product for me..Thanks!!
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babyrock babyrock
the aneros line is pretty good. just make sure you don't the very large ones or the very thin ones initially. be patient and you may get to experience something very extraordinary.
Trysexual Trysexual
Check out my reviews...I've tried quite a few. Really depends what you like (or think you'll like). I'd start with a vibrating one...then you can decide if you like vibrating or non vibrating more. Get a Grip/Love Handle is my favorite and is priced nice. Aneros are good as well.
Rokmai Rokmai
I've used one about ten times or so. It's okay, but not worth all the trouble (lube, discomfort, mess). Was fun to use while having sex, though.
mlmac mlmac
The Aneros products are great. They also have an awesome forum for users. link
dancingduo dancingduo
I have an aneros. I think its okay...but would second something that vibrates. I apparently like the vibrations, so I wish I bought something else...
tollhouse tollhouse
I have an aneros and it does nothing at all for me. I decided to spend some money and bought the Nexus Revo 2. Let me tell you, not only does it vibrate but it also rotates which is what does the massaging. I like to play with my cock a little bit and get it hard first. Then I lube up the Revo 2 and slide it in. The the act of sliding it in gets me leaking. As soon as I turn on the vibrations and the rotations, it is like someone turned on a faucet. This is all without an orgasm too. The Revo 2 is definitely my fav and totally recommend it for those looking for a good solo toy.
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