When to clean?

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When to clean?

PadoruLover PadoruLover
So do you have to clean your toys right after you use them or can you wait till morning? I usually fall a sleep after I use them but what do you guys think?
Jan 24, 9:43 pm
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Sincerely Yours, N Sincerely Yours, N
I usually wipe off any gunk on my non-pourous toys immediately, sometimes even using a toy wipe, but then wait until morning to do a thorough cleaning. I'm pretty horrible for doing this, but at the same time, the thought of getting up to clean immediately afterwards rather than lying in bed, relaxing and sleeping, would be a turn off for me. It works pretty well, especially because I end up bleaching all of the toys I use weekly. So far I haven't had any issues with smells, stains, or anything else disgusting.

If I had porous toys, though, I'd clean them immediately. Thankfully, I don't have any that I use.
Jan 24, 11:18 pm
Pete's Princess Pete's Princess
Part of it depends on what material your toys are made of. I generally clean mine right away but have been too tired and waited till morning. It didn't harm my silicone toys.
Jan 24, 11:31 pm
edeneve edeneve
I typically wait till later and I have several to clean from any one self-loving, too.
Jan 25, 2:46 pm
Rossie Rossie
I'll rest for a couple of minutes, then I'll wash my toys right after that, I do not like to leave soiled stuff around!
Jan 25, 5:28 pm
wrecklesswords wrecklesswords
I typically will clean them up right away unless all I used was my little Tantus bullet vibrator. Mostly because I live with my parents and my self-love is done when they are in bed, so cleaning up is easier that way, or because I was especially messy.

When my fiance and I use toys during sex and foreplay, we clean up right away before he and I step into the shower ourselves.
Jan 25, 5:47 pm
Oriental husband and wife Oriental husband and wife
If we are conked out for the night, then the next morning. We leave a towel on the nightstand for it when we are done. If during the day clean it afterwards. Once every 10-14 days we will boil them.
Jan 25, 8:19 pm
Lioncub Lioncub
At the bare minimum I use a wipe as soon as we are done and a more thorough cleaning the next morning.
Jan 25, 9:45 pm
SweetSaffron SweetSaffron
I've heard that it's good for UTI prevention to pee after sex/masturbation, so I just bring my toys to the bathroom with me and wash them after washing my hands.
Jan 26, 1:17 am
SaucyxGirl SaucyxGirl
Originally posted by SweetSaffron
I've heard that it's good for UTI prevention to pee after sex/masturbation, so I just bring my toys to the bathroom with me and wash them after washing my hands.
I do the very same thing. I just take them in with me while I am in the bathroom. For my glass and silicone I do a soap and water cleaning that night and then sterilize them in the morning. No pun intended but I pretty anal about keeping my anal toys sterilized between use.
Jan 31, 1:57 pm
Bignuf Bignuf
Once we are done playing, we either stay "glued together" for a while, or just don't want to get up. We solved this problem by using the old "washbasin" technique. We bought a beautiful porcelain wash basin (like you might see on a nightstand in the 1800's) and keep it full of a water, sanitizer soap mix. Since our toys are either waterproof, glass or otherwise "sealed", we simply lay them into this solution after play is done and they can "soak" till we are up and around and in the mood to clean them. Only twice have toys with "keyboard" and battery boxes that were supposed to be waterproof, failed us and they got ruined. Of course we never put NON waterproof toys in there.

That basin sits on our dresser and our three dogs cannot reach it easy and even if they could, they don't like the smell, so they never mess with it. I just fill it with warm water and add a spray of antibacterial soap before we go to bed for a long play session. It's a great way to not have to worry about cleaning up right away. For more "delicate" toys, I just hand wipe them with some antibacterial toy wipes and put them into a "tray" in my nightstand drawer, where they wait to be cleaned in the morning, along with the tray (so as not to contaminate other toys).
Jan 31, 5:20 pm
lykopis lykopis
I'm a big fan of special towels on the bedside table for a quick wipe down and then I sterilize in the morning or the next day. For anything that may be damaged from sitting stick for a little while, I keep a giant box of baby wipes near my toybox for a quick wipe off. Its good for the body too!
Oct 17, 5:46 pm
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